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Joshua Q.

“This organization and foundation really amaze me. I like the way they fight for people’s freedom and rights especially women’s and children’s. There are so many issues and concerns about human trafficking but I was really surprised to know that people are actually sold to be sex slaves. I mean it was already cruel to sell people to others but selling them off to become sex slaves is the worst. We are not born and created to become other people’s toys and to think that children and women are the most common victim of such crime is sickening. I salute the people behind these kinds of foundations and organizations and I really look up to you. I hope you continue to do amazing things for these poor victims and to the people who will still become victims of this kind of crime and cruelty.”

Harry W.

“I had the same thoughts as you have Joshua. I never knew that human trafficking could go as worse as this. When I was younger I never really thought that people can be sold but as I grew up, I get more and more opened and exposed to these kinds of issues. It saddens me to think that people experience such thing especially the children. I don’t know what kind of a person will sell and buy people for slavery but I know they are heartless. They do not know the worth of every person and that is why they do these kinds of awful things. I’d like to take part in this kind of organization and foundation so I’ll be joining soo. I hope you do the same as well so we could be a help too.”

Joshua Q.

“I’d definitely do the same thing very soon. I will join the foundation and organization and become a part of this amazing group.”