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Demi and Ashton’s foundation is dedicated to the people who sacrificed their lives for this idea of creating an organization and foundation for the victims of sex slavery and human trafficking. This foundation was once just a small organization that tries to raise awareness for these kinds of matters and for other issues in the society that are overlooked. However, we were not contented and we wanted to do more as we continue with this organization. Everyone knows that it is not a pleasant thing to experience such cruelty in this world. However, even if many people try to stop it, more children and women are still sold to be sex slaves in the black market. Demi and Ashton’s foundation wanted to stop this but we are just a small organization that has just begun back then and we do not yet have any powers to stop a huge business in the industry.

Still, there are things we could do to help women and children. We started to help those who became a victim of such cruelty and reached out to them as much as we can. The foundation helped them get through their awful experience while still raising awareness about this issue. Other than that, the foundation wanted to become a part of something that stops this issue. 

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We have created projects and programs for anti-sex slavery and human trafficking already and it was successful up until now. We may not be able to stop the whole trade for this problem yet but we are able to be successful in our aim and we wanted more. We want to become a part of this anti-crime project. There are still more foundations and organizations like us and we want to be of help to their own visions as well. We have the same goals and that is to help the victims of this criminality and to try to stop this kind of business in the industry.